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                The original building was constructed in 1893 and was a German biergarten that was called the Walhalla until Stanford purchased and renovated the building in 1946, according to historical information on the city. Stanford then changed the name and opened a plush Victorian-decorated Valhalla. Stanford served three terms on the Sausalito City Council and was mayor of the city before she died in 1982.

Sold for $3,450,000 from Jon Roberts and John Boccardo in January 2012.

It was Stanford who changed the zoning from residential to commercial when she was on the council in the 70s.

Sausalito Walk Score - "Walker's Paradise" of 92 out of 100 (Average is 50)

The Valhalla San Francisco Bay


Sally Stanford's Valhalla Inn

For almost 100 years the Valhalla was part of life in Sausalito. From the late 1800's until after World War II it was called the Walhalla Biergarten, but its greatest fame came when it was purchased 50 years ago by former Madame and Sausalito mayor-to-be Sally Stanford, who restored the Valhalla name. After her death it went through a number of different incarnations, but in the spring of 2009 a sign appeared on the shuttered door promising the return of Sally Stanford's Valhalla Inn. Unfortunately, by the summer of 2009 the signs were gone and with them our hopes. The building is now for sale. File this one under "Unfulfilled dreams."

The video below of Sally Stanford at Valhalla comes from the Sausalito Historical Society.

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What a same this was such a beautiful place to dine and the food was excellent and  the ambience superb I had the pleasure of dining there when SALLY was still alive although regretfully did not get to meet her. it is a shame family didn't take interest in keeping it open as a memory of SALLY. what a joy it would be to see it reopen as it was when SALLY was still alive I would come to Sausalito just to dine there

Like you, we miss that time and place. Back in the day Valhalla seemed immortal, something that had been around since time began... like Sally Stanford! For all her eccentricities, I think that in memory people now appreciate her far more than they did when she was alive.


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Property features a 2-floor retail and office building of approximately 10,000 SF, parking lot with 33 spaces, and a two-floor residential property of approximately 2,500 SF.

Originally constructed in Circa 1893, the commercial building is currently used as a restaurant. Property has direct views of San Francisco Bay and is within walking distance of nearby retail amenities.

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