Marin Fire Cams lookout cameras mountaintop

 San Rafael Hill

 San Rafael – San Pedro Ridge


 Novato Hills – Mt. Burdell


 Samual P. Taylor Park – Mt. Barnabe


 Samual P. Taylor Park – Mt. Barnabe


 Nicasio Hills

 Big Rock Ridge


Mt. Tiburon

Wolf Back Ridge antennas – Sausalito –
wind: 1,110′ elevation

Mt. Tam Lookout fire cam – MCFD

Mt. Tam Lookout fire cam – MCFD

Temperature and humidity

New Weather Station – PGE Middle Peak

Mt. Tam Peak weather: 2,340 ft. elevation

Muir Beach fire cam

Mt. Barnabe fire lookout – MCFD

Mt. Barnaby fire lookout – MCFD

Point Reyes National Seashore – Inverness

Drakes View Peak Inverness – PG@E weather: 1,328 elevation

View of Point Reyes Beach Looking North-Northeast from the Point Reyes Lighthouse Visitor Center. Pacific Ocean on the left, land on the right.
Pt. Reyes lighthouse cam

Nicasio Hills – Black Mountain peak

Nicasio Hills weather – Elevation 937 ft.

Marinwood – Lucas Valley: Big Rock Ridge

Big Rock Marinwood


weather: 1,636 ft. elevation

San Rafael hills – San Pedro summit

Novato Hills – Mt. Burdell

Novato Mt. Burdell –  Elevation 1,481′

Sonoma Mountain – 2,450′ elevation

Petaluma – Sonoma hills

Berkeley Hills – Vollmer Peak

Berkeley Cam – looking towards Marin County

PG@E new weather station – Grizzly Peak in the
Oakland Hills – 1,100′ elevation

6 to 10 day temperature outlook
6 to 10 day temperature outlook


Mt. St. Helena weather RAWS station by PG@E

National Weather Service – Northern California weather extremes
Marin County Fire weather extremes – day 1
Marin County Fire weather extremes – day 2 County Fire weather extremes – day 3 – 8

Drought Monitor

Haines Index – Based on the stability and moisture content of the lower atmosphere that measures the potential for existing fires
to become large fires. Orange will indicate Haines index values of 4 (low), dark orange will show Haines index values of 5 (moderate),
and red will depict Haines index values of 6 (highest potential for large fires). Values of 4 and above are plotted on each map
even though the overall Haines index is from 2 to 6


Burn Index – The BI (difficulty of control) is derived from a combination of Spread Component (how fast fire will spread)
and Energy Release Component (how much energy fire will produced).
BI has no units, but in general it is 10 times the flame length of a fire.

Kim’s Animal Rescue – live cams

Installation of Marin fire cams – paid for by


Website by Doug Kunst (SRV Fire Capt. ret)

Marin County
Fire live radio


Marin County Fire

Wildfire updates and alerts

Mt. Tam Fire Lookout photos

Mt. Barnabe Fire

Flag – weather stations



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Marin County Fire engine type 3


Marin County Fire – Dodge PowerWagon

Marin County Fire History



Website by: Doug Kunst – San Ramon Valley Fire Capt (ret) and MCFD fire lookout